About Us

The Company

Our factory at Móta is at the end of a small cul-de-sac, right by the sea. Here we grade oysters and when ready for sale we purify them in our state of the art purification facility before packing them for market.


The Location

Dungarvan Bay is surrounded on 3 sides and open to the Atlantic Ocean on the 4th side.

To the North lie the Comeragh Mountains, and to the West the town of Dungarvan, the mud flats and the river Brickey that flows into the Bay.

To the South lies the Gaeltacht area of An Rinn with a rich and ancient heritage and the small fishing port of Helvick – a reminder of Vikings of long ago.

To the East is the Atlantic which daily replenishes our bay with rich wild ocean waters.

The Community

Firmly rooted in a rural Gaeltacht area we are an integral part of the community in which we live, providing valuable long term employment in the local area and adding significantly to the local economy.

We regularly support local sports, youth and community organisations and initiatives.